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About us

Overseas debt collection is a serious problem for many exporters, which can be solved in the team:

1. Tenet Financial Office (
2. Tenet Service (
3. Eurotenet Group (
4. In cooperation with „Lawyer’s Office Dawidowicz Grochowski Zurawski Sp.p.” (

Free advice from our experts.

The Tenet Financial Law Office is the only debt collection company in Poland specializing solely in the collection of overseas debt.
It originated from the structures of the „Tenet Service” company, the main field of activity of which for the last 17 years has been amicable debt collection and judicial debt collection for business entities in the countries of the European Union.
Several-year long experience in the field of debt collection and legal services for foreign entities and numerous contacts with Debt Collection Companies and Law Offices in the European Union have made it possible to commence the activity consisting in the provision of debt collection and legal services for European companies, possessing liabilities beyond the borders of their country. Due to the growing intensity of the crisis in all European countries, a change of attitude to the international collection of debts is necessary. It is indispensable to take quick and decisive steps. In the view of the gradual deterioration of a debtor’s situation, the probability of procrastination, resulting in losing any possibility of recovering the money, is high. Upon the basis of this fundamental premise, we assist our Customers, exporters and the providers of services, in the field of both court and amicable collection of debts, by means of obtaining the European Order for Payment.