Recovery of debt in Ireland

Free assessment of the claim for feasibility of its recovery

If you are encountering a problem with the collection of a liability in Ireland, then you have found yourself on the right website. Export to Ireland is being based upon, to a significant extent, the electrical-machine industry, agricultural and food products and mineral and chemical products, which constitute approximately 80% of the entirety of Polish export to that country. More and more frequently and willingly, Polish entrepreneurs are establishing their businesses in Ireland and importing commodities from Poland. Unfortunately, they fail to observe the deadlines of payments with equal frequency. In the situation of that kind, it is necessary to undertake quick and decisive intervention. Due to the growing intensity of the crisis in all European countries, a change of attitude to the international collection of debts is necessary. In the view of the gradual deterioration of a debtor’s situation, the probability of procrastination, resulting in losing any possibility of recovering the money, is high. Upon the basis of this fundamental premise, we assist our Customers, exporters and the providers of services, in the field of both court and amicable collection of debts, by means of obtaining the European Order for Payment.

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