Debt Collection in Austria

Every business is based on money. Without financial liquidity, you cannot develop your company, buy new products, pay your employees and simply make profit. We all would like to make business only with honest and truthful customers. Unfortunately, almost every entrepreneur had issues with unreliable customers in the past or will undoubtedly have them in the future. That is the risk you take in business.

If you face the problem of unreliable customers, you do not have to know Austrian law, finance, banking or magic to get your money back from dishonest people.


What Can You Do When Your Austrian Customer Is Not Paying You on Time?

First and foremost, contact the customer and ask why he or she hasn’t paid the invoice yet.
Be aware that the person who has not paid you money, can lie, delay the procedure, ignore your calls and basically stall for time. If the debtor refuses to pay you or is truly unable to meet its obligations, for example due to bankruptcy, it is better to ask for professional help.

That is why the best step you can take is to contact specialists who know everything about debts. If you need professional help with recovering your money from Austrian customers, we are here to help you!  24 years of experience let us claim that we know everything about European debts, law, finance, and vindication. Our team knows that every problem has its solution, and we will do everything we can in order to help you get your money back.
We advise you to contact professionals as soon as the payment deadline has expired and you still haven’t received your money.

What Do We Offer?

Free analysis

We will evaluate your situation and the possibility of recovering the claim. Our professional team will estimate the possibility of recovering the claim free of charge.

Professional help in German

We cooperate with lawyers and finance specialists who speak German and know prevailing Austrian system of legal regulations which means that you don’t need to study law and economy of Austria in order to find solutions to your problem. Our team is aware that waiting for your money to be paid can be extremely stressful and frustrating. That’s why we offer you professional help based on long-standing experience and thousands of successful debts recoveries.

The Process of Collecting Debts in Austria

  1. The analysis of the matter. Collecting important data and necessary materials about your debtor.
  2.  The extrajudicial collection. We believe that the process of collecting debts can be started without the court investigation at first. We always do our best in order to get our customers’ money back. Our team contact the debtor by e-mails, phone, and letters. If the debtor will not collaborate, avoid answering and still refuse to pay, the next step is to start judicial proceedings.
  3. The Judicial Collection and the European Order for Payment. In some cases, when it is impossible to collect the money amicably, we are forced to initiate proceedings through the court.

The European Order for Payment is a cross-border claim which means that it is applicable when both parties are members of different EU states. The court will send this order to your debtor who then has 30 days to respond. It is very useful when you cannot contact your foreign contractor who lives abroad.

Feel free to contact us to get more details about the process of collecting debts in Austria and about conditions of collaboration with our company. We are here to help you.